How to Complete a Verification


Complete a Verification in 3 Simple Steps

Step 1: Click on the ‘Start a Verification’ button below and complete the registration form.  

Step 2: You will immediately be sent a registration link.

Step 3: Upon approval, Login credentials will be delivered via secure email.


Verifier FAQ’s

-Registration is free of charge.

-The cost for an employment verification report is $34.95.

-The cost for an income verification is $37.95.

-The cost for a reverification is $24.95.

-All verifications are provided at no cost to government verifiers.

The registration is typically completed within 1 business day.

If your registration link is not activated within the same business day, it will expire. It is not necessary to register a second time. Please contact our Customer Support Team at if this occurs.

The credentialing process is required in order to confirm that the requesting agency is an active business/government entity that holds valid permissible purpose to obtain employment verification data. This process is also performed to ensure the security of all data released on behalf of an employer by 澳门金沙赌城官网.

The company code is a direct identifier of the employer. A search feature is presented upon each successful login and will allow you to search by employer name to locate the associated company code.

-There will be no charge to you if no record of employment is located.

-Please confirm that an accurate company code was entered.

-Please confirm that the employee’s SSN was entered correctly.

- Please confirm that the billing address entered matches the billing address associated with the credit card being used. Also, verify that no typos exist, and any associated suite number has been included.

- We recommend utilizing an alternate credit card.

Please contact 澳门金沙赌城官网 at for assistance.

Corporate verifications

Commercial Verifiers

Start your search now if you are a:

  • Bank
  • Lender
  • Financial Institution
  • Prospective Employer
  • Auto Dealership
  • Property Manager
  • Landlord
  • Background Screening Firm
  • Other Commercial Institution
government verifications

Government Verifiers

Start your search now if you are a:

  • State Agency
  • County Agency
  • Government Agency
  • Social Service Agency
  • TANF
  • SNAP
  • HHS
  • Veterans Affairs
  • CMS